Phonics Classes in Borivali West

Phonics Classes in Borivali West provide kids with English Phonetic, Grammar tuitions and Teachers Training courses.

Kids and Adults Phonetics Reading and frame Grammatical sentences
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We have the vision to provide high-quality education and innovative methods for reading words and writing correct spellings. Therefore, our Nursery KG children achieve Guaranteed results with the Jolly reading approach. Phonics Fee in Borivali West ranges from Rupees 11k to 14k per year. Whereas, Grammar Fee is charged between 12,000 to 14,000 Rupees only. But we are sharing Free giveaways of Printable Worksheets with a downloadable link.
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Course Details

Grammatical Rules and Pronunciation class in Borivali Gorai 2 Mumbai 400092 certainly improves their look-say method and spelling or diction. Not to mention but remember, we help your child to read and write correctly. Hence, Join Today.

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Kinjal’s Jolly pronunciation-reading and Grammatics is an Online & Offline class for Grammar Phonic in Mumbai. Certainly, teachings here offer an internationally recognized and accepted methodology known as Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar course.

Secondly, Kinjal Mam works for development and growth in the look-say method and
linguistics. Are you interested in good education for your child’s future? Jolly Reading is the best choice!
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Mon-Fri: 10am – 7:30pm and
Sat-Sun : 10am – 2pm


bungalow no: 272/292, rsc-31, swami samarth road, gorai 2, Borivali West.

9819 477 893/ 8082 012 033
1) Uncrowded session
2) Only 4 to 5 Students per Batch
3) Totally personal attention

Above all, Gorai’s Phonics tuitions in Borivali Kandivali Mumbai 400092 have certified more than 300 students. Every child with us breaks words into the minor units of sound (phonemes). Besides, it is based on all aspects of language learning: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Spell-read sound Concepts help them groom for life.

Reading Writing Improved with Kinjal’s academy

The jolly Read Technique enables early learners to become successful readers and writers. Aims & Objectives: sounds from worksheets and books help to take care of all the 42 sounds, which are the integral aspects of Jolly Phones. Firstly, this program is designed to teach children to read and write words. in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way. To illustrate, children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language rather than the alphabet. Also, it teaches children how to identify all the phonemes in a word and match them to the letter to be able to spell correctly at Phonics Classes in Borivali West.

common grammar mistakes by kids

Hat’s Jolly Grammar helps the child in Sentence framing and communication.

Firstly, being qualified professionals, our English language trainer has usually trained students for the past ten years in multiple areas of the British language. As a result, we help you overcome all your language bounded difficulties and make you more confident. Undoubtedly, Trainers always try their best to provide a fun, interactive, and student-friendly class with solid communication. Wherefore, assessment skills at Gorai’s top English Grammatical-system academy change the game of academics.

Phonics Class
Jolly Spell Tuitions
3-6 years old

1500-2000 Monthly, Yearly 11,000 -14, 000.
7-8 Kids per Batch
1 Hour and 30 min
Twice a Week
Admission : Open
Enroll Now
Course duration : Yearly

Grammar Class

Jolly Grammatic Tuitions
7-11 years old

1500-2000 Monthly, Yearly 13,000 -14, 000.
7-8 children in one Batch
90 minutes
2 times a Week
Admission : Open
Enroll Now
Course span : Yearly

Phonics Teacher’s Certification Diploma course

Duration of Course
Learn for : 20 hours or customizable (with diffrent time slots avaliable)

Truly, Jolly Phonic teacher training course is for trainers who want to start teaching Reading words with sound to their students in the most effective way.
Grammar Adult Teacher’s Certification Diploma course Certification

Course Duration
Learn for : 20 hours or customizable (with different time slots available )

Undeniably, Grammar teacher training course for trainers who want to start teaching students in effective and organized way.

Teaching jobs
Pre Primary Teacher with Graduation Plus ECCED qualification with Good English speaking ability. Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications* Mostly, Graduate or HSC. Job Types: Apparently, Full-time/ Part -Time work at Jolly Phonics Classes in Borivali West. Clearly, should have relevant experience of at least 1 year.
Resources Downloads
Meanwhile, A collection of free worksheets in Pdf as teaching guides that can be downloaded to assist you to provide high-quality literacy, sounds understanding, pronunciation concepts etc. 
Kinjal’s Pre-Primary and Primary Tutions.
More to the point, get information about Thakkar Mam’s Pre-primary and Primary Tuitions on Google if you like or visit the center.

Madam’s Nursery, KG and Primary Tutions

    2) Weekday or Weekend Batches
    3) Reasonable Fees
    4) Evening Batch
    5) Reasonable Fees
      6) Also  Phonetics class in Borivali West
      is available (Gorai and Charkop Branch)
      7)Director has 12 Years of experience
        8) 2 Teachers Per Class and
      8-9 Students per batch
Learn Pre- primary KG s
How do I find the best Nursery-KG Tuition in Borivali West, Mumbai?

Nursery, Kindergarten, and Primary Tutions.
Moreover, we teach ICSE/ CBSE/ PYP BOARDS kids in a fun way, as children often find coaching classes boring. However, my method helps them learn without realizing that they are applying the proper language structure and phonetics while preparing for their respective grades. The teacher’s method has default strategies for eliciting grammar from toddlers, and proper use of games and activities to teach kills boredom.

Frequently asked questions

Why join the Gorai Phonics class in Borivali West Kinjal's Concept?

Unquestionably, Trainees are patient and goal-oriented, driven to educate and encourage students. So then, to master the English language, admit the charming angel with us.

How to teach four year old about all 42 sounds?

<span>Do not experiment at home; find a professional Tutor. On the contrary, it needs positive language and correct flawless pronunciation.</span>

What is the fee structure and timings?

The fee varies for different phases, and it is 13,000 onwards. On the other hand, it is very affordable compared to similar services around you. The best is that learners here turn into a champ with their skills. Absolute Power is to pronounce each word with an appropriate sound.

Do we have a teacher training course or workshop for Moms?

Yes, Training courses for teachers in Borivali started six years ago. What is more, is the reasonable fee charged for all courses.

Grammar classes for Kids and Teachers both?

Phase levels grammar classes are offered to both kids and Trainees. Lately, we started to take Mom’s workshop, and ordinarily, it was a two days workshop, to begin with.


school hours

Mon-Fri: 10am – 7:30pm and
Sat-Sun : 10am – 2pm


bungalow no: 272/292, rsc-31,Behind Visamo Building, gorai 2, Borivili.
9819 477 893/ 8082 012 033