Do you want to certify as a Jolly Phonics Teacher for Financial freedom. Recent times stats record show Jolly Phonics Trained Teachers has high chances of recruitment. Why not get high preference in this competitive world.

Why Become a Phonics Certified Trainer? Is that you want to know as a teacher/tutor, then read the article with complete attention. Here, we will cover purpose of phonics, comprehensive curriculum/syllabus comprises of, big opportunities you shouldn’t miss. Why complete the certification with us? And other details like Course Duration! fees!
why become phonics trainer
Simple Answer is : It Works for Kids.
Let’s Begin! Besides high income salaries/tutoring fees, understand real purpose of phonics and why you should pursue for this British advance reading technique.
Real Purpose : How can this benefit the children in reading and writing? As a Trainer you should understand what role can phonics play in child’s life. Today’s time of education, it is vital that kids are taught how to read and write early on. Phonics is one of the most effective ways to teach children how to do this. When children have good literacy skills, they can progress through school and life with ease.

You can attend our free phonics Seminars (100% Refundable Rs. 89 policy, to get you attend the program) because Phonicshat conducts Jolly Phonics teacher training career guidance meet in Mumbai; every quarter of the year, Phonicshat conducts many online/offline Induction workshops for educators across the region. We have trained 500 volunteers from Phonics Hat Teacher training Center at Borivali West. Register here for free Induction on Weekends/Weeksdays Attend next workshop .

To accomplish Jolly Phonics Teacher Training course in Mumbai what modules will you study?

During your course hours, Phonicshat Senior trainers will teach you to deliver phonics lessons using games, songs and activities. The modules will give you a deeper understanding of how letters and sounds relate to each other, as well as how to teach words that are not phonetic (also known as tricky words). It will help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of different pedagogies of teaching emergent reading and writing. Then you can create your own exciting and effective phonics program to inspire your pupils and make them confident, independent readers. This is an exciting course that can open up many opportunities for your future career. Next, see more about games and other teaching material you could use in your classroom.Check the Page to get acquainted with flash card and other resources
Why Become a Phonics Trainer? This question is important because the first on word answer you want to hear is the “Opportunities”. For this reason, continue reading privileges below.

What are opportunities you get to grab as a Trained Phonics Teacher.

The door to a plethora of opportunities lies open for you as a certified Jolly Phonics teacher. Whether it’s the prospect of a well-deserved promotion at your school, running a phonics training centre for kids or simply boosting your resume by teaching phonics in private schools, your choices are endless.

Our program also gives you the skills to start your own entrepreneurship in the field of phonetics education and learning. This means that you can run your own phonics classes for children at home or anywhere in the world!

Whether you’re already a teacher or are interested in making a change to your career path, this course will give you all the tools you need to succeed. In addition to the course materials and certification, Phonicshat offers ongoing career support to help you reach your goals. Our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of phonics, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.
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Why complete the Jolly Reading certification with Phonicshat ?

The phonicshat certificate course provides teachers with the knowledge and understanding of how Jolly Phonics works. It will help them to implement the program in their classrooms, enabling them to successfully teach children to read and write using phonics. It will also equip them with the necessary skills and resources to assess their students’ progress in the classroom.
This course is designed to support teachers in developing a systematic, evidence-based approach to teaching phonics. It encourages teachers to detach consciously from the politics, educational philosophies, pressure and personal experiences which may unduly influence their practice and to remain rooted in a commitment to teaching to the best of their abilities and in ways that are informed by the most current research on child-centred pedagogy.

For your dream Job or To start a Jolly Reading Tuition Center this certificate is must, high paying job options are around us but its always our fault we delay them, by not taking required actions. Once you attend the Introductory lecture next weekday/weekend after that you will realize the participation was fruitful and lucrative.

Duration and Fee Structure

    1)Average Duration is 3 months but 1 month course is more preferred.
    2) Fee is around rupees 7,000 to 9,000